Dr. R. C. Varma

Varma Union Hospital was established during the year 1959 & is situated in the western part of Indore city for the last 61 years. Dr. R.C. Varma graduated from Nagpur Medical College in the year 1953 having obtained the first position in the University in the final M.B.B.S examination and was awarded Gold Medal for the same. Having completed one year’s house job in Medicine and Surgery he proceeded to England for further Medical Training and passed the F.R.C.S. examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London during the year 1957. The same year he returned to India and joined M.G.M. Medical College at Indore, as Lecturer in Ortho Surgery. Having served in this capacity for two years he resigned from Govt. service and started Varma Union Hospital at Indore in the year 1959. At that time this was the only full-fledged Surgical Hospital in the city. Dr. Varma & Dr. Mrs. Varma worked a day in & day out. The Hospital flourished well from day first. Dr. Varma being trained in general surgery & ortho surgery and his wife trained in Anaesthesia made this hospital grew rapidly.

In the beginning, this hospital was started in a rented building in the heart of the town and three years later the hospital was shifted to the present premises. Thus the hospital today is one of the pioneering institutes of the city with a reputation spread all over the state fetching patients from far and wide areas.

Our greatest achievement is not that the hospital has treated thousands of patients but that it still retains a shining reputation as a center of excellence with ethical humanitarian medical practice.


Dr. Rachna Varma

Varma Union Blood Bank of Indore, Madhya Pradesh accepted this challenging task of organizing and successfully administering a Blood Bank. The need then was the mobilization of voluntary donors by sensitizing the community and offers a centrally located center and congenial ambiance for blood donation. The outcome of their efforts is today our pride – “Varma Union Hospital” – a standing monument of peoples’ initiative and sustained efforts to solve a problem. This Designated Regional Blood Centre has been awarded the status of District Level Blood Bank by the National AIDS Control Organization who also provides testing kits and blood bank consumables on a monthly basis considering our good work in the field of public service activities.

Mr. Ashwini Varma
[Managing Director]

Mr. Ashwini Varma

Mr. Ashwini Varma’s association with VARMA UNION BLOOD BANK  is to follow the path laid by honorable Dr. R.C. Varma. It all started with a vision to build one of its Kind multi-specialty centers in Central India and eventually with a lot of sweat and efforts, he has reached the denouement of this path. He is the managing director of this blood bank and is a long term visionary. His futuristic plan is to develop the Varma union blood bank into a state of the art super specialty development and research institute with national and international collaborations and is in the those of for the same.

[M.D, F.C.P.S., D.P.B]

Dr. Ashok Kumar Dosi

A graduate & pathology specialist from MD FCPS DPB ( Mumbai) Dr. Ashok Kumar Dosi. He has been working since 1993. Pathology laboratory with a vision to deliver the best quality diagnostic services to patients. At Varma Union Blood Bank. Every pathology test is performed under his strict supervision because he strongly believes that sophisticated instrument alone can’t guarantee the quality, as the machine is only a tool man behind is most important. Round peg in square holes can’t be tolerated in the healthcare industry, a wrong person operating a machine may create blunders.
Achieving excellence by adopting newer techniques in Pathology field has been the motto of Dr. Dosi since the inception of Varma Union Blood Bank. His team at Varma Union Blood Bank is committed to provide flawless healthcare services and in this vein they constantly go on adding advanced equipment that are tested and recommended worldwide.
He hopes that services being offered by Varma Union Blood Bank will prove blissful for physician and patients as always and lead our society towards an ailment free life.

[M.B.B.S, D.C.P]

Dr. Ila Kasera

Dr. Ila Kasera is the head of Varma Union Hospital Blood Bank with 15 years of experience in Transfusion Medicine. She is an alumnus of GMC, Bhopal as a graduate; GRMC, Gwalior as a postgraduate; and MGMMC, Indore as a senior resident. As head of the blood bank, she accepted the challenge of providing quality blood and blood products to the patients, nursing homes and hospitals of Indore and nearby areas.

She supervises, trains and evaluates the overall performance of the staff and also encourages voluntary donors by educating them about the safety of blood donations and promoting better understanding of blood banking. She is dedicated to integrating a long term vision of the blood bank with the best possible services in Transfusion Medicine and professional ethics.

The Varma Union Hospital Blood Bank & Component Center is the second largest public service initiative taken up by the Clubs in Indore Madhya Pradesh. The Blood Bank is a 15,000 sq. ft centrally air-conditioned state-of-the-art facility set up on 1500 sq. meters in Varma Union Hospital Area, Indore Madhya Pradesh. Varma Union Hospital Blood Bank & Component Center Considering the need for a Blood Bank run on voluntary blood donations in the context of the increasing threat of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C.

We have acquired the most sophisticated Blood Banking equipment wort. We have highly qualified staff to run the Blood Bank. Our main emphasis is on encouraging the medical fraternity to use blood components instead of whole blood. By use of components, optimum utilization of blood can be obtained and 3 to 4 lives can be helped with just one unit of blood. At Varma Union Hospital Blood Bank, we do not ask for replacement donors who could as well be paid donors. We want to discourage the clandestine sale of blood. It is well-known that several semis nourished people, drug addicts, and other persons short of money for smack, etc. donate blood for money.